Lohal chungchang

O R D E R   The Mizoram (Prevention and Control of Fire in the Village Ram) Rules, 2001 Section 3, 4 & 5 in a sawi leh Government letter No. B-14016/28/06-LAD/VC Dt. 7.2.2014 in a sawi angin kum 2014-a Mizoram chhunga Lo, Leipui leh Huan hal tur te chuan March 15, 2014 ral hma ngeiin an hal vek tur a ni. An Lo, Leipui leh Huan bak ramdang tikang lo turin meilam sialin kangmei an veng tur a ni.   Mahni Village Council Area pawn lama ram hal tur nei te chuan ram an neihna khuaten an hal niah an hal ve tur a ni.   He thupek zawm lote chu V.C.P., Police, D.L.A.O. leh D.F.O. hnenah report tur a ni.   Ram kang a lo awm palh a nih chuan V.C. ten hnatlangin a rang thei ang berin an thelh mit tur a ni.  

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