Significant Progress of Departmental Schemes : With the funds allocated to this Department Construction of Recreational Parks are started at 3 (Three) locations at Lengpui, Muthi, Serchhip and another parks at Kawmzawl,Hmuifang & Thenzawl are being started. For this purpose, land can be made available free of cost. Construction of some facilities are not fully completed as projected as per plan. However , the parks are now greatly enjoyed by the public. At the same time, more funds are needed so as to provide required recreational amenities. Truly speaking, people in the towns are now very enthusiastic to spend their leisure times in the parks in comparison to the past years. Therefore, parks are now very important for the public. When the above projects are completed they will be a good source of revenue.

New Schemes
                           Two new schemes were introduced from the commencement of Eleventh Five Year Plan i.e. Public Utility and Liquid Waste Disposal Lines. A Public Utility consist of rest shed, standard type of Public toilet, Urinals, drinking water points, bus waiting shed etc. This scheme is purposefully implemented and the general public now availed its convenience. A small drains between private houses were constructed so as to pave the way for disposal of liquid waste to public drains. This can prevent disposal of domestic liquid waste just by the side of a building thereby saturating the soil, that can normally cause landslide. This scheme is very useful especially for a city or towns which have not been properly planned for a city or towns for easy disposal of liquid waste.


                            During the 10th five year plan many household were given LIG loan at the rate of Rs 0.50 lakh. This is an important scheme for developing dwelling houses in urban centre and is continued in the 11th plan. Each and every annual plan target has to be taken up as new items while the scheme itself is a continuing one. The 11th five year plan scheme is to grant LIG to 920 household each, at the rate of Rs. 50,000/- within an outlay of Rs. 460.00 lakhs. Physical achievement during the last 4 years LIG Housing loan is 2428 household. During 2011-2012 Rs 446.25 lakhs is earmarked for 525 household at the rate of Rs. 0.85 lakhs.

                            During the 11th five year plan it was proposed that Housing Loan be given to 862 household at the rate of Rs.80,000/- per household within an outlay of Rs. 690.00 lakhs. Physical achievement during the last 4 years under MIG Housing loan is 872 households. During the annual plan 2011-2012. Rs.353.75 lakhs is earmarked for 283 household at the rate of Rs. 1.25 lakhs

                            No earmarked during 2011-12.

                       The scheme is meant for developing House Sites in the expanding portions of the towns by constructing initial link road and house site plan at a nominal rate of Rs. 1000/- per house site. It is proposed to allocate fund amounting to Rs. 950.00 lakhs for 12400 house sites during the 11th five year plan. Physical achievement during the last 4 year is 1400 housesite.Anticipated achievement during 2010-11 is 100 house-sites. During 2011-2012, Rs. 1.00 lakh is earmarked for 100 house sites.

                           This scheme is previously known as ‘Land Acquisition and Development’. The scheme has been renamed as ‘Land Development’ as the fund is rarely utilized for direct land acquisition. With increasing congestion of Aizawl and Lunglei as a result of mass migration of the people from villages, it has become imperative to develop lands and other infrastructures to attract human settlement in towns, the satellite and sub-towns to check mass migration to Aizawl and Lunglei. The programme is mainly for development of land to make it suitable for settlement by constructing roads, steps, planning house sites and other infrastructure and amenities etc. The Physical Achievement during the last 4 years is 316hec During 2010-2011 Rs. 65.00 lakhs was spent which is not sufficient in view of the utilization of the scheme. Rs. 10.00 lakhs is earmarked to be spent during 2011-2012.

                         This is a new scheme which is introduced during the 11th plan period. The system of burial is a deep rooted tradition practice of the Mizo people. So every locality has either their own separate cemetery or one cemetery which is shared by two or three localities. Therefore, it is necessary to take up minor construction works for the improvement, maintenance and upkeep of these cemeteries for which a sum of Rs. 400.00 lakhs is proposed during period of 11th five year plan. Physical Achievement during the last 4 years is 41nos of Cemetaries. Rs. 5.00 lakh is earmarked for improvement of cemetery during 2011- 2012.

                         This is one of the 20 Point programmes launched by Government of India. During the 9th Plan, housing for Economically Weaker Section was introduced in the form of grant for giving construction assistance @ Rs 2500/- per family in urban areas as has been done in rural areas under the scheme of construction assistance. The scheme has been continued in the 10th plan period. During the 11th plan, it has been continued as a new scheme to benefit 2400 families. Rs 50.00 lakhs is earmarked during 11th Plan. Physical achievement during last 4 years is 920nos. The annual plan target for 2011-2012 is to benefitted by 120 nos within allocation of Rs 3.00 lakhs.

                        The scheme is mainly used for construction and maintenance of Departmental Building. During the last five year plan (10th plan) Rs. 115.00 lakhs was made available for ‘Housing for staff’ from the LIC fund with the approval of the state government during 2006-2007. The Department requires several staff quarters for accommodating newly transferred staff to the different District offices. Rs. 100.00 lakhs is proposed for this purpose during the 11th five year plan. Physical Achievement during the last 4 years is 19nos. Rs.49.00 lakhs is proposed during 2011-2012 for construction of 7 nos. of government quarters at different districts.

                         Most of the Villages are too small and located at remote area where there can be no means of progress and future development in many respects. The main reasons for such means of isolated settlement and habitation are their ethnic identity, culture, tradition and regional solidarity, which are regarded as a stamp block to join the main stream of modern living and development. During 2011 – 2012 Rs. 1.00 lakhs is allocated as a stoken provision for resettlement of Saikhumphai at Vaphai Villages within Champhai District.

                         This scheme has been approved for taking up minor works for the construction of roads to approach some important public places like Community Hall, Water Point etc. within the towns and villages. During the 11th five year plan Rs.1200.00 lakhs is proposed to achieve a physical target of 500 km road length for approach to the public places in towns and villages. In the previous years, fund under this scheme were utilized mainly for construction of internal steps approach to water points, Cemetries etc. Physical achievement during last 4 years is 55423rms.In the Annual Plan 2011-2012, Rs. 85.00 lakhs is approved for 35360 Rms this scheme.

                    The scheme is taken up during the 10th plan as ‘Building Technology Extension’. The Department has one Building Centre named Aizawl Building Centre at Muanna Veng Aizawl. The Centre has been pursuing identification of materials, which are locally available and technologically and economically sound and feasible for construction of building to reduce the requirement of materials coming from other States as well as to reduce the cost of construction. The name of the scheme has been changed as ‘Building Technology and Research Centre’ so as to extend the scope and field of activity to serve the actual demands. The scheme provides for imparting training on building construction, carpentry, and masonry to develop skills for creative self-employment opportunity for the unemployment youths. Rs. 361.00 lakhs is proposed for the whole period. Physical achievement during last 4 years is 45 trainees and 1, 60,000 no of balusters. During 2011-2012, Rs. 1.00 lakhs is approved for this scheme.

                    In the Annual Plan 2011-2012, Rs. 45.00 lakhs is approved for meeting expenditure for maintenance of Directorate, and 6(six) District Local Administration Offices in Aizawl, Lunglei, Serchhip, Champhai, Mamit and Kolasib. The Department had upgraded 2(two) circle offices at Kolasib and Champhai into District Office and created new District Offices at Serchhip and Mamit in 2004. Also, funds under this scheme will be utilised for the smooth and orderly functioning of these offices.

                       This Department looks after the affairs of Village Councils (Village Panchayat). It also pay Remuneration and conduct election to Village Councils. At present, there are 485Village Councils which are directly look after by the Local Administration Department. The Village Councils under the 3(three) District Councils of LAI, MARA and CHAKMA are looked after by the District Council themselves.

               With a view to upgrading housing and shelter in Mizoram the Government of Mizoram through Local Administration Department launched Housing assistance programmed in the form of Loan since some years back. The Government of Mizoram has taken Loan from HUDCO/LIC for distribution on Loan to the public as well as to the Government servant.

                 The Local Administration Department is taking up two of Plan Scheme i.e Housing and UrbanDevelopment under Social services head of development from the State Plan fund. The following works/schemes are now being taken up viz – Housing Assistance in the form of Loan, Land Acquisition and Development, EWS Housing, Improvement of Urban Slum, Construction of Steps, Monsoon Damage Scheme, Park Development etc.

                  Parks and Recreation Centre is one of the most important subject allocated to this Department. As of now, Lawibual Picnic Spot at Aizawl, District Park at Zobawk Lunglei, and Lengpui Park are now enjoyed by the public as a place of recreational Spot. Another Parks are now under construction at Muthi, Hmuifang, Thenzawl and Kawmzawl.

                With the Grant received from Finance Commission of India, a number of schemes for improvement of civic amenities in all Villages has been taken up. Comprehensive Village Data is also being maintained with the grant received from 12th Finance Commission. Training for Capacity building for all the members of Village Council has been conducted occasionally.